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7 Benefits of Baking Together as a Family

09 March 2022
7 Benefits of Baking Together as a Family -  march hoy

Did you know that baking together as a family is actually beneficial to creating a stronger bond?

We all enjoy tasting and sampling the baked goodies that mom, grandma or aunty prepared in the kitchen but, generally, these goodies were prepared by one person on their own and enjoyed by the whole family afterwards.

While there is no harm in baking on your own, research on baking together as a family has shown to carry various benefits for the entire family. After all, we all have fond memories of measuring, whisking and pressing cookies in the kitchen from when we were kids.

Besides enjoying the treats afterwards, we would like to share some benefits of family baking with you to give you one more reason to get the family into the kitchen this month.

1. Strengthens Bonds

Baking together as a family is definitely one way to help fasten the family bonds. Life is busy and with kids off at school and parents at work, there is little time left for enjoying activities together as a family. Baking provides families with the perfect opportunity to catch up and converse in a less-formal environment.

After all, a busy kitchen is a happy kitchen!

2. Promotes Teamwork

If you are having problems with getting your children to work together and play nice then baking provides the ultimate opportunity for teaching the kids how to work together as a team to accomplish a task: the delicious baked goods.

From recipe-reader to ingredient-fetcher and, even, dishwasher everyone in the kitchen has an important role to play when baking. The act of successfully accomplishing their role is enough to promote healthy teamwork. And it gets the baking done faster.

Many hands definitely do make light work!

3. Provides Teachable Moments

Many of the lessons and teachings that we learnt as children were learnt outside the four walls of the classroom and were, in fact, taught to us by our families at home. Baking teaches important math skills like measuring and conversions.

And, let’s not forget, that younger children can enhance their fine motor skills in the kitchen by performing tasks like whisking, mixing and pressing the dough with cookie cutters.

There is plenty to learn in the kitchen!

4. Therapeutic

But baking doesn’t always need to be about learning or fostering a bonding environment; sometimes it is okay for baking to just be about being present in the moment. If one of the kids have a tough assignment or test coming up, baking can be the perfect distraction to help restore mental health.

Sometimes all we need is some time to kick back and get back into gear and baking is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

5. Breaks Isolation

Lockdown has been tough on everyone forcing many families to spend time apart. Even if your children aren’t young anymore, inviting the family over to do some family baking can definitely make up for lost time spent together – especially if you weren’t able to see each other over the holidays.

Just remember to be safe and to make the most of your time together!

6. Enhances your Creativity

Baking gives families the opportunity to let their creativity run wild. Whether you want to make a dinosaur cake or jelly with Jellytots inside, this is the place where your children can develop a sense of creative freedom and break past restraints.

By fostering creativity at home you will also help your children to become more creative at school and improve their creative thinking for better problem-solving.

7. It’s Fun!

And, undoubtedly the most important, baking together as a family is fun and if something is fun then you should do it as often as possible. Not everything has to feel like work so invite the children and mom or dad into the kitchen and bake up a storm.

The family deserves to have some fun together at every possible opportunity!


Why do you love baking with your family?

We would love to hear what you have to say about family baking and if you feel as though there are any other benefits that we didn’t cover in our post above.

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