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6 Tasty Dad-Approved Recipes for Father’s Day

13 June 2022
6 Tasty Dad-Approved Recipes for Father’s Day -  june hoy

Want to prepare something delicious for dad this Father’s Day?

While dad definitely appreciates and cherishes the gifts that he receives on Father’s Day, there’s no doubting that dad enjoys a good breakfast, lunch or dessert equally as much especially when it is made with love.

We have scoured for some delicious meals and desserts that are sure to tickle dad’s tastebuds and make for some record-breaking Father’s Day meals.

Be sure to these tasty dad-approved recipes this Father’s Day.

1. French Toast with Banana and Maple Syrup

Imagine waking up to some fresh, crispy french toast slathered in banana and generous dollops of maple syrup… If that sounds heavenly, then it is the perfect breakfast solution for Father’s Day.

Start Father’s Day the right way with this tasty French Toast recipe and a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

For some extra pizzazz, you can also add some spoonfuls of cream as a finishing touch!

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2. Thai Red Curry Coconut Noodles

This might be the perfect place to test out some of that extra special homemade chilli oil that you made for dad this Father’s Day. For the dads that love spicy food, be sure to add this Thai Red Curry recipe to your Father’s Day menu.

With tons of fresh spices, mushrooms and optional Thai basil you can enjoy some of these deliciously spicy noodles in only 30 minutes.

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3. Millionaire Shortbread

Who doesn’t love shortbread?

So imagine shortbread slathered with an additional layer of caramel sauce and then a final layer of chocolate. This is the ultimate sweet tooth treat for dads that love their desserts.

While this is a slightly more complicated recipe with a higher preparation time, the rewards far outweigh the efforts making this the perfect after-dinner and anytime dessert.

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4. Bacon S’Mores

When it is time for a braai there is nothing tastier than a freshly made s’more, except maybe this insanely delicious bacon-wrapped s’more with chocolate and tons of marshmallows.

Simply weave your bacon together to replace the biscuit portion of your s’more, grill it up and insert your marshmallows and chocolate and voila! The ultimate delicious s’more wrapped in bacon.

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5. No-Bake Blackberry Cheesecake Bars

We’re nearly 100% sure we already had you at the ‘no-bake’ of this recipe title. With only 20 minutes of prep time, these delicious no-bake cheesecake bars are quick to make and will be ready with only a few hours of refrigeration making them perfect for night-before preparation.

With some heavy cream, Greek yoghurt and cream cheese we promise that this is going to become a quick favourite for dad and the family.

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6. Air Fryer Pork Chops

Have you joined the air fryer family yet?

If you have then you will understand how quick and simple air fryers make food preparation. These air fryer pork chops are crunchy on the outside, yet completely succulent on the inside.

With some garlic, salt, paprika, and some grated parmesan you are set for a delightful meal for dad this Father’s Day compliments of your air fryer. Pair it with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies or any of dads other favourites.

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What meals and desserts are you planning to spoil dad with this Father’s Day?

Be sure to share your thoughts, traditions and ideas with our followers in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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