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6 Amazing Space Saving Hacks

11 January 2021
6 Amazing Space Saving Hacks -  january hoy

It’s January and what better time to do some home remodeling than now? We have put together six amazing space-saving hacks to help you with your home renovation plans.

Whether you would just like to get rid of some unnecessary clutter or redefine your living space, these space-saving hacks are sure to come in handy when remodeling your home.

When One Door Closes…

When you think that there is no space left, look again! Often we forget about how much space simple overlooked objects off like a door. Add a rail or hooks to the back of your bedroom door and use this space to hang jackets, scarves, handbags, jewellery or even shoes.

Not only is this a great space-saving hack, but it also helps to keep clutter off the ground and other surfaces. You can also apply this hack to other rooms in the house like the kitchen to hang your pots and pans!

Check Underneath the Bed

The bed has always been a favoured spot for hiding old shoes, posters, books and anything else that is small enough to squeeze beneath.

It’s become a space-saving trend to build a storage platform under your bed. In doing so, the bed is placed on top of a large base which is made up of sliding drawers. Extra linen, towels, clothing and other do-dads can be well-hidden and easily accessed in the future.

Gone are the days of squeezing your linen into bags and placing them high-up in the cupboard: simply build a storage platform!

Multi-Purpose Medicine Cabinet

If you do not have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, then our first space-saving hack is to get one - pronto!

Avoid putting medicine bottles or tubs down on counters, dressers or side tables. Not only does it look messy and out of place, but it is also a safety hazard for small children. By installing a medicine cabinet, you are able to keep all your medication in one easy-to-find location and help to declutter your home in the process.

But there is one part of the medicine cabinet that you may not have considered using for storage: the inside of the door. The same way that we suggested using the back of your bedroom door for storage, you can do the same with a medicine cabinet.

The inside of the medicine cabinet door is a great place for storing makeup, nail polish, spare toothbrushes and any other narrow object that would usually roll around inside your medicine cabinet.

Don’t forget that the top of the cabinet can be used to store shampoo bottles while hooks can be screwed into the bottom to hold facecloths – the options are endless.

Get a medicine cabinet!

Hanging Vegetables and Fruits

Most of us have grown up with a fruit bowl or vegetable rack in the kitchen which is used to store our fresh produce. However, this requires both counter and floor space to manage.

What about storing the produce in the fridge? While this might seem more practical, it can cause a tremendous loss of space or leave you juggling produce each time you open up the fridge.

If you have a small kitchen or would like to have more counter space, it would be better to use hanging fruit and vegetable baskets.

These metal baskets can be hanged easily from the ceiling and are a great way to save counter and floor space. Another great benefit of using hanging fruit and vegetable baskets is that a lot of produce fairs better outside of the fridge like bananas, avocados and various citrus fruits.

Clean the counters and make your produce last longer with nifty hanging baskets!

Coffee Up For Grabs

With each passing birthday, holiday and novelty gift our coffee mug collections grow larger and larger taking up tons of space in the kitchen cabinets. Instead of throwing out your special mugs, why not consider buying some hooks?

Fit a rail onto the underside of your kitchen cabinets or simply screw in some cup hooks to hang your most-used coffee mugs on for easy access. Otherwise, this is also a great way to display some of those special novelty mugs which are stuck at the back of the cupboard.

Either way – you are gaining some much-needed kitchen cabinet space with the help of some simple cup hooks.

Floating Shelves

If you are a bookworm then you will understand that there is never enough space for books on the bookshelf. Apart from bookshelves taking up a lot of floor space, they can also be quite pricy.

Instead, invest in a series of floating shelves. Not only does this open up floor space but you can place furniture underneath the shelves to maximise your living space. Floating shelves are also great for plants or ornaments – the options are endless.


What space-saving hacks do you have up your sleeve? Share your ideas with the House of York followers on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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