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5 Items to Make Laundry Day Easier

11 July 2022
5 Items to Make Laundry Day Easier -  july hoy

At House of York we pride ourselves on our commitment to supplying high-quality pine products made by local employees and catered for the unique needs of our fellow South Africans.

While our products range from kitchenware to hospitality goods, one of our ranges that remain close to our hearts and the hearts of our customers is our laundry range.

We are not only passionate about our products but ensuring that our products are made to be as sturdy and durable as possible to help you make the most of your everyday types of chores like laundry and ironing.

Let’s take a look at how House of York’s laundry range can help make your laundry day easier so that you have more time to focus on the rest of your day.

1. Clothes Horses

House of York stocks a wide range of clothes horses ranging from our standard classic clothes horse that South Africans have come to trust and rely on to include new and improved models like our Deluxe and Expand clothes horse.

Standard Clothes Horse

Our standard clothes horses are made from quality pine and expand vertically to allow space for hanging your laundry to dry to a height of 1200mm. The standard clothes horse is made with pine dowels and can collapse for easier storage.

Order our standard clothes horse from Takealot:

Deluxe Clothes Horse

Our deluxe clothes horse has plastic-coated dowels making it ideal for more delicate garments preventing your clothing from snagging. In addition to being easily collapsible, the clothes horse also extends vertically offering 1200mm of hanging space for your clothing to dry.

Order our deluxe clothes horse from Takealot:

Deluxe Airier Clothes Horse

The deluxe airier clothes horse offers all the benefits of the original deluxe clothes horse except it is narrower making it even more idea for storage and convenience. Standing 1220mm high and only 550mm wide, the deluxe airier is ideal for smaller living spaces.

Order our deluxe airier clothes horse from Takealot:

Expand Clothes Horse

New to the clothes horse range, the expand clothes horse opens horizontally instead of vertically offering up to 10m of hanging space for clothing. The clothes horse width can also be adjusted by opening it only as far as you have space to offer. Also comes with plastic dowels and can be easily collapsed and stored.

Order the expand clothes horse from Takealot:

2. Ironing Boards

House of York stocks a wide range of ironing boards ranging from our standard choice ironing board that South Africans have come to trust and rely on to include new and improved models like our Deluxe and Premium ironing boards.

Choice Ironing Board

The choice ironing board is a family favourite for South Africa made with sturdy pine, adjustable legs with a wooden surface that prevents the forming of patterns on clothing while ironing.

Order the choice ironing board from Takealot:

Standard Ironing Board

The standard ironing board is a step above our choice range offering the same rust-safe, pine adjustable legs and smooth ironing surface but now also with a retractable metal iron rest to place your iron on while adjusting clothing.

Order the standard ironing board from Takealot:

Premium Ironing Board

The premium ironing board offers up to three adjustable height settings offering more convenience and comfort while ironing. With sturdy pine legs, a flat wooden ironing area and a metal iron rest, this is the ultimate ironing companion for your home.

Order the premium ironing board on Takealot:

Deluxe Ironing Board

The deluxe ironing board offers up to two adjustable height settings offering more comfort while ironing. With a metalised fabric area, you can place your iron down with peace of mind that it will not harm your ironing board. Made with the same rust-safe pine legs and flat wooden ironing surface.

Order your deluxe ironing board from Takealot:

Table Top Ironing Board

The tabletop ironing board takes ironing to the next level offering maximum comfort, easier storage and more portability than before. The tabletop ironing board can be placed upon any flat surface including countertops, tables, desks and even on a bed allowing you to iron anywhere and anytime.

Order the tabletop ironing board on Takealot:

3. Ironing Board Covers

Enhance your ironing experience with the assistance of House of York’s ironing board covers. Made in a sharp and rounded shape to fit your ironing board, the covers are specially designed to speed up the ironing process with a heat reflective surface. The laminated foam also ensures that the ironing surface is smooth.

Order the sharp nose ironing board cover:

Order the rounded nose ironing board cover: 

4. Pegs

Laundry day would not be complete without sturdy, trustworthy pegs. House of York offers both pine and plastic pegs that are durable and long-lasting. With no sharp teeth, your clothing garments will remain secure without concern for marks.

New to our peg range is our large plastic pegs which are designed to fit over clothes horse dowels to prevent your clothing from blowing off of the clothes horse.

Order the plastic pegs from Takealot:

Order the wooden pegs from Takealot:

Order the large plastic pegs from Takealot: 

5. Laundry Bag

When the laundry is piling up over the rainy weekend, you need a durable and tough laundry bag to support the weight of the laundry. The cork and canvas laundry bag is made from durable canvas with a sturdy, well-supported cork base. With extra tough rope handles, you can ensure that your laundry is safe inside.

Order the cork and canvas laundry bag from Takealot: 


What is your favourite House of York laundry product? Let us know on our social media pages by following these links: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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