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10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mom

19 May 2021
10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mom -  may hoy

Just because Mother’s Day has passed, does not mean that you cannot continue to spoil mom for the rest of the month – or year! Moms love being spoilt and we’re sure that mom will enjoy spending some extra quality time with you.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways that you can spend quality time with your mom that you are both sure to enjoy.

Who knows – maybe you pick up a new hobby or tradition that you can both look forward to doing every so often!

1. Take a Class Together

Your whole life mom has been there to teach you new skills: from tying your shoelaces to cooking and baking. But now is the perfect opportunity to learn something new together.

Has mom always wanted to try a pottery class? What about learning how to play the piano? Find something that you are both interested in learning and sign up to take classes!

What can be more fun than learning something new with your mom? Plus all the classes will lead to some interesting discussion topics and inside jokes to cherish between one another.

2. Visit New Places

Remember that little coffee shop that you saw pop up in town? Give mom a call and go try it out together!

There are always tons of interesting places that you see pop up in town but always put off visiting because there are chores or work to be done. Forget about the chores for one day and try something new.

You might even discover a place that you and mom would like to frequent more often.

3. Learn how to Knit

Do you remember evenings in front of the TV with mom and dad when you were younger? Usually, mom would always be accompanied by a bag of wool and knitting patterns. But have you ever tried to learn how to knit?

If mom is an avid knitter, head to the local textile store and grab a few bundles of wool and head over to mom’s place. Mom can teach you how to knit or crochet or even embroider – whatever tickles your fancy!

Plus – this is a great skill to pass along to your own children one day. Give it a try; you might love it more than you thought you would.  

4. Find a Cause to Support

Is there a cause that you and mom are both very passionate about? This is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together while doing some good for your local community.

Volunteer at the local SPCA or head to a soup kitchen to find out how you can be of service. Even if you start out by taking a walk on the beach and cleaning litter, these are all noble causes that you and mom can grow with together.

5. Recruit a New Gym Buddy

Heading to the gym requires a fair amount of motivation for most but, if you have a gym buddy, then the workout begins to feel more like an outing than a chore. And who better to be your gym buddy than Mumsie?

Whether you are doing yoga, a spin class or Pilates working out is excellent for your health and can be great fun when you are with someone that you care about.

Think about the after-gym smoothies you can enjoy together – bonus!

6. Tackle some Home Renovation Projects

We all have a home renovation project that we have been putting off – be it repainting the house, remodelling the lounge or refurbishing an old cabinet that will look just perfect in the dining room.

Think about it: what is the most off-putting part of home renovations? Tackling them alone!

Give mom a call, exchange notes and find out what home renovation projects you could both use a hand with. This way you can both help each other to get those DIY projects ticked off of the list and have some fun while you are at it.

7. Brunch it Out

If you love to sleep in on the weekend (who doesn’t), then making brunch instead of breakfast plans sounds like a dream come true! Invite mom to a weekend brunch at your favourite restaurant or bistro.

Maybe do some chores or go shopping at the mall afterwards – after all, shopping with mom is always fun and always better on a full tummy!

8. Start a Garden Together

If mom is an avid gardener, then why not start a small mother-daughter/mother-son garden patch? Head to the nursery and grab your favourite flowers, herbs or vegetables and make way for a patch of garden to call “ours”.

Just remember: manual labour in the garden usually warrants some delicious homemade snacks and treats from mom during lunchtime.

9. Mom’s Weekend Away

Does it look like mom could use some time off? Treating her to a mom’s weekend away might be just the thing that she needs to relax and clear her head.

Whether you choose to go on a road trip across the country or visit a quaint town nearby, you and mom will both definitely enjoy some quality time together on a weekend away.

And you are sure to gather some everlasting memories while you are at it. Don’t forget to pack your camera!

10. Farmers Market

Do you know what the best thing about the farmer’s market is? Fresh produce! Next time you head over to the farmer’s market be sure to take mom along for the trip.

Maybe afterwards you can head over to mom’s house and cook some delicious lunch or dinner together – you know, for old times sake!

Plus who can say no to mom’s delicious cooking?


How do you and mom enjoy spending quality time together? Share your plans in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to help our followers with some ideas!

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