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10 Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Christmas Party

06 December 2021
10 Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Christmas Party -  december hoy

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

The festive season is upon us and everything is getting ready to celebrate all festivities with friends and family in full swing. It has been a tough year and what better way to end the year off than with some festive fun?

Even though December is all about celebrating the festive season, we often forget just how stressful all the planning and preparation can be which is why we have put together some party hosting tips – one less thing for you to worry about!

Let’s take a look at these ten tips for hosting a Christmas party:

1. Create a Theme

Themed parties are tons of fun – whether you want to host a full-on dress-up party or go with something more formal and sophisticated is completely up to you.

Designating a theme helps you to plan your entire party.

Once you know if you are going formal, semi-formal or casual the types of drinks, eats, décor and attire will all fall into place a lot easier. Plus it also gives your guests something to plan towards.

2. Unpack the Silverware

We all have that one dinner set that lives in its box inside the cupboard the whole year-round to make sure that no harm comes to it. This is the dinner set that is usually used for Christmas parties.

Along with the dinner, set comes the fancy tablecloths, silverware and glassware.

While it is good to keep all these precious items safe throughout the year, the problem that comes with storage is that they often gather dust or lose their shine which is why we are recommending unpacking them ahead of time.

This gives you time to clean and polish all the dinnerware you will need without having to rush and accidentally break part of the set.

3. Make a List

Planning ahead of time is the biggest time-saver that you can implement during the festive season. As cheesy as this all sounds you will definitely be happy that you made a list when it gets closer to the day.

This list can include everything from items needed from the grocery store to decorations from the party shop and even everything that you need the kids to help out with to make sure that all is ready in time.

Plus it feels really good to cross items off a list!

4. Finger Eats versus Dinner

If you are pressed for time, or if you are hosting a large party of guests, then you need to decide whether you want to offer finger eats or a three-course dinner.

Finger eats can be more accessible to your guests and make clean-up easier after the party. But, just because you are serving finger eats, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality – we found some fancy finger eats ideas that can help you with your menu.

Otherwise, for a larger dinner, think of serving salads, gammon, turkey, roast chicken and other foods that require a little less prep to give you more time to mingle and less time to spend in the kitchen.

5. Bring a Dish Along

When you host a Christmas party, often you get stuck with doing all the meal preparation which also adds to the cost. There is no shame in asking your friends and family to bring a dish or dessert along to contribute to the party.

This can be done ahead of time with some delegation and ultimately makes hosting much simpler and less stressful for you as the host.

If all else fails you can always recruit some helpers in the kitchen to help with all the food preparation.

6. Don’t Waste Time on Fancy Invitations

Physical invitations are slowly being phased out with modern technology and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Mailing or physically delivering your invitations can be time-consuming and costly whereas an e-invite can be sent at the tap of a button.

Simply design your invitation and send it to all your friends and family using WhatsApp, email, Facebook or any other platform that you prefer. You can even create an event on Facebook and invite all your guests in that way!

7. Music by YouTube or Spotify

Every party needs music and whether you are a Christmas carols or panpipes fan, there is something for everyone on YouTube or Spotify. Simply add some of your favourites to a playlist and you are sorted for your party!

Alternatively, if you are feeling more old school, you can haul out your Christmas CDs and pop those in the player so that they are ready to be played for the party.

8. Party Favours

As with most parties everyone parts with a party favour to remember the special occasion by. A great idea for festive parties is to hand out candy canes as party favours. You can also print out individual Christmas wishes to attach to the candy canes if you want to make the favours more individual.

You can get more party favour ideas right here.

9. Movie Marathon

There are always kids at Christmas parties and, if you would prefer them not be underfoot, be sure to put together some festive movies and snacks for them to enjoy while the grownups catch up.

Netflix has an array of Christmas movies and cartoons that the kids will absolutely love – all you need to do is pick a few for them to choose from!

10. Hot Chocolate instead of Alcohol

With alcohol restrictions being unpredictable, it might be better to consider serving hot chocolate instead of alcohol at your party. This is also a great idea for those who prefer not to drink.

Take a look at this delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe by Le Creuset that you can try out at your Christmas party.

Be sure to buy marshmallows, cinnamon and other decorative treats!


Planning a party is no small feat so we hope that these ten tips for hosting a Christmas party will come in handy and give you some nifty festive ideas. What do you do when you host a Christmas party?

Be sure to share your ideas with our followers in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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