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10 Items that should be on your Christmas Wishlist

22 November 2021
10 Items that should be on your Christmas Wishlist -  november hoy

“This year all I want for Christmas is…”

Young or old, the festive season will always be a magical time where some of our wishes can come true. But, we understand all too well, that coming up with gift suggestions for yourself becomes more difficult as time passes.

That is why we are suggesting that you wish for practicality this year – because sometimes it’s just nice to not have to pay for the practical items that you need in your day-to-day yourself.

Here are ten items that should be on your Christmas wishlist this year:

1. House of York Spice Caddy

This year wish for the gift of organisation. When you are busy in the kitchen, there is nothing worse than being unable to find the spices that you need for your latest cooking creations.

Instead, we recommend, putting all your spices in one, convenient place with our pine spice caddy!

Get it delivered from Takealot to your home using this link.

2. Baking Goods Bundle

Every home cook, mom, foodie and aspiring little chef’s dream gift is a bundle of baking goodies. From cute cookie cutters to silicone moulds, the imagination is truly the limit with a thoughtful gift of this type.

Check out House of York’s range of kitchenware to see what local pine products you can add to the baking gift bundle.

3. Table Top Ironing Solution

Sometimes the best gifts are those that bring you convenience but, if you do not fancy the idea of receiving laundry equipment for Christmas from your loved ones, then there is no better gift to yourself than convenience!

With the ability to work on any flat surface and be easily stored away, the tabletop ironing board is definitely the coolest piece in our laundry range – plus you can save your back the pain by being able to use it where you want to, wherever you want to.

Shop our tabletop ironing board today.

4. Gift Voucher

And, although some may believe that vouchers lack creativity, many prefer to be given the gift of choice. Getting a voucher enables you to purchase exactly what you want and almost every store – including the online ones!

You can even purchase House of York’s product range via Takealot using a Takealot gift voucher so be sure to take a look at the new online store.

When in doubt always request a gift voucher for your Christmas stocking.

5. Pine Breakfast Tray

Do you love spending lazy days in bed on the weekend? Then this pine breakfast tray is definitely a gift that you want to add to your Christmas wishlist.

It’s not only great for breakfast in bed, but it can also be used for laptops or as a work surface for when you want to stay comfy in bed for just a while longer.

Did we mention that it’s available in dark wood and pine?

Order one of each from Takealot today.

6. Summer Picnic Set

With summer arriving, what better way to spend the holiday than in the park with family or friends? Just imagine all the fresh air and memories waiting to be made and it all starts by adding a picnic set to your Christmas wishlist.

Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for some yummy summer recipes.

7. Laundry Done Right

While we have already mentioned some nifty laundry items, we want to remind you of our really cool, diverse range of clothes horses now also with large pegs! Our large pegs are specifically designed to be used on our clothes horses.

Easily collapsible, sturdy, eco-friendly and locally-made – sounds like a great gift to us!

Shop our range of clothes horses to find the right one for you.

8. Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love some creamy, cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day?

For the days when the cravings hit, you would really appreciate having received an ice cream maker for Christmas.  They are really nifty and superb time savers allowing you to whip up some fresh ice cream in no time.

Your guests will absolutely adore coming visit and you can enjoy ice cream in the comfort of your home without having to drive to the store first every time.

9. House of York Rolling Pin

Are you an avid baker?

Then we have just the thing for your Christmas wishlist: a trusty, pine rolling pin for all your cookie, pastries and bread baking needs!

A rolling pin is exactly the thing that every baker needs and we have a whole bunch waiting to be ordered from Takealot to fill your Christmas stocking.

10. Air Fryer

We would be missing out on a trend if we didn’t have this on our list – the air fryer has taken the foodie community by storm and can be used to fry, bake, grill and steam anything that you can imagine.

Does this sound like a trend that you would like to be a part of?

Then be sure to add it to your Christmas wishlist and maybe Santa will oblige you!


We hope that one of these suggestions stands out to you as something that you would enjoy and can recommend to your loved ones as gift ideas. For more festive season tips, be sure to follow our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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