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10 Alternative Ways to Use Everyday Kitchen Tools

21 July 2021
10 Alternative Ways to Use Everyday Kitchen Tools -  july hoy

Forget to buy that splash guard that was on your kitchen shopping list? Do not fret – there are tons of nifty and creative alternative ways to use everyday kitchen tools that you already own.

Truth be told, there are many common kitchen utensils that can be doubled-up as alternatives for expensive kitchen tools that you do not need.

Save some money, effort and time by reading these 10 alternative ways to use everyday kitchen tools. You’ll thank us later!

1. The Slotted Spoon

Remember that slotted spoon that you haven’t quite figured how to use yet? There is a super nifty hack that will change baking and cooking forever: egg separating.

Egg separating might not seem like a challenge to most, there are some of us that struggle with the process. If you are one of those people, simply empty your egg onto the slotted spoon and allow the albumen to drain while the egg yolk remains safe at the top.

Looking for a slotted spoon? We can help you out with our Elevated Slotted Spoon that’s available for purchase from Takealot.

2. The Egg Slicer

When it comes to slicing and chopping veggies, one of the least favourites has to be mushrooms. While mushrooms are not really difficult to chop, per say, they can be tedious due to the amount required for the meals they go along with.

This is why an egg slicer offers a simple yet creative solution to your mushroom chopping problems. Simply replace your traditional boiled egg with a mushroom and slice.

Enjoy the easier chopping!

3. The Rolling Pin

Forget to buy a meat tenderizer? The good thing is that your trusty rolling pin can be used for more than just baking!

If you are in a pinch you can use your rolling pin to tenderize your meat. Just be sure to put the meat inside a Ziploc bag first so that you do not contaminate the wood with meat especially since you normally use your rolling pin for baking.

Need a new rolling pin? Our rolling pin is made from solid pine, is super durable and can be ordered online from Takealot.

4. The Pizza Wheel

Hmmm, pizza! Who doesn’t love a good, homemade pizza? Because pizza is amazing, you most likely have a pizza wheel prepped and ready in the kitchen drawer. But, what you do not know, is that a pizza wheel is also extra nifty for cutting herbs!

Herbs like parsley, rosemary and basil are great to use fresh from the garden and add that something extra to your cooking. But, chopping those herbs, can sometimes be a drag which is why we recommend the pizza wheel.

Slice through your herbs in no time with this nifty kitchen tool hack!

5. The Colander

What would the kitchen be without a trusty colander; from draining rice and pastas to rinsing vegetables what is there that the colander cannot do in the kitchen?

But there is one thing we are sure that you would not have thought to use your colander as: a splash guard.

Frying food can be a dangerous, and messy, game to play and without a splash guard your stove, kitchen walls and arms are going to be left full of oil splatter. If you do not have a splash guard on hand, simply tip your colander over and place on top of your pot or pan.

Yet another brilliant use for the colander!

6. The Ice Cream Scoop

Picture it: a warm summer’s day with a bowl of creamy ice cream and succulent melon.

But what did you use to scoop your ice cream? Most likely an ice cream scoop. What about your melon? Most likely a kitchen knife.

Did you ever think to de-seed your melon with the same ice cream scoop which you used to scoop your creamy ice cream? An ice cream scoop offers the perfect solution to de-seeding your melons. This way you can keep your hands clean and get rid of the seeds a lot faster than by hand.

7. The Ice Cream Scoop – again

Yes, we are featuring the ice cream scoop twice on this list simply because it is such a versatile kitchen tool. Apart from scooping out seeds, you can also use an ice cream scoop to measure the mince for your mince burger patties.

When making patties it can be difficult to judge how much mince goes into each one – especially if you haven’t got the years of kitchen experience behind you. This is where the ice cream scoop can help you.

This is a great way to ensure all the patties are made from the same amount of meat. Now it’s just time to learn to round and shape them correctly!

8. The Cheese Grater

It’s a Sunday morning, you just promised the kids that you are going to bake some delicious shortbread and you realise that you forgot to take the butter out of the fridge.

You can’t put the butter in the microwave because the heat will alter the consistency of the shortbread. What do you do? Well, you grate the butter with a cheese grater of course!

When butter is too hard to melt, it is perfect to grate. This will help you to soften your butter faster and also make it easier to work into your batter. 

9. The Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable peelers are one of the handiest tools in the kitchen drawer – from peeling potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and even destemming strawberries!

You can also use a straw to easily remove the stem from strawberries but this can prove to be difficult if the straw is too flimsy which is why we offer the ultimate destemming solution: the vegetable peeler.

Enjoy your stem-free strawberries!

10. The Hand Blender

If you have a hand blender then you will know how versatile this little machine truly is. From whipping cream to making smoothies and soups. A hand blender is a kitchen must.

While this nifty little kitchen tool might not have an alternative purpose, it is versatile enough to make it onto our list of nifty kitchen tools.

If you do not have a hand blender, it is time to make your life easier and invest in one!


Did you like our alternative kitchen tools guide? Be sure to share your favourite nifty tip in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! Or if you have any useful alternatives for everyday kitchen items you would like to share, follow the links above to our social media pages.

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