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Top Tips for Travel Accommodation

07 August 2023

The December holidays are approaching and it’s time to start scouting your holiday destination (if you haven’t already). Whether it’s a big, touristy city, or a small, off-the-beaten-track town, the sentiment stays the same: your accommodation should be a big part of your holiday too. Even if you’re not spending a lot of your holiday on at your accommodation, it should still be a comfortable and relaxing space to rest between all the sight-seeing and activities. Here are some things to add to your accommodation check list:


Even though you might be travelling quite a distance to reach your holiday destination, you don’t want to be spending your entire holiday driving hundreds of kilometres. Make sure your accommodation is in quite central to the sights you’d like to see, and activities you’d like to do, while you’re away.

Rooms and Amenities:

While most people like to take in the sights and activities that their holiday destinations have to offer, it’s equally important to make sure that your accommodation is clean, comfortable and functional. Lookout for things such as daily room cleaning and laundry service to WiFi and a mini-bar. Whatever you’ll need to make your stay a home-away-from-home and will help you with your packing list.


Not every day of your holiday needs to be action packed. Some days just need to be spent relaxing. Here is where it’s important to check whether your accommodation has any other facilities, like a pool area or a playground for the kids. A coffee shop or restaurant on premises, or nearby, might also be just the ticket to a day of relaxation.


Sometimes it’s hard to judge accommodation by what you see in brochures or on booking sites. If you really want to know what to expect, get it from people who have actually been there. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to ask every person you meet if they’ve ever stayed at your chosen destination, but most accommodations have their reviews on display on their website, Google Business listing or on social media. The more positive reviews you see, the more you’ll know that’s the place to go and, while everyone experiences things differently and there may be a negative review or two, the general rule-of-thumb is that the more positive comments, the better the chances of having a positive experience too.


Ultimately, you want your accommodation to suite your needs and your budget, without compromising your daily home comforts. Adding an extra luxury to your accommodation, like room service, can elevate your holiday stay experience too. So, whether it’s a cabin in the mountains, or a 5-star hotel, we hope your holiday will be a memorable experience.


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