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Reboot your Spaces and Life

14 September 2020
Reboot your Spaces and Life -  september hoy

Written by Isabelle de Grandpre, Owner Neat Freak

Spring has always been regarded as a time for renewal - for a fresh start. With the world in turmoil, now, more than ever, make Spring a time to reboot your spaces and your life. 

You don’t need more room, you need less stuff!

Unlike our forefathers who darned socks rather than throw them away and reused tea bags until they ran clear, we live in a society that loves to accumulate. We buy more than what we need, oftentimes without even using the items, and then we seem hellbent on hoarding said items.

But clutter can affect our anxiety levels, our sleep, our ability to focus and, most definitely, our productivity. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of all this negative energy and to reboot. Here are the basic steps to start the process.

  • Ensure that you have all the ‘tools’ you will require to start your decluttering process. These would include refuse bags, unused organisers and containers, labels, pens and tape.
  • Make piles for items you intend keeping, donating or throwing away.
  • Group like-items together. You’ll quickly see how many duplicates you have and the process of getting rid of items becomes much clearer.
  • Once you have decided what to keep, allocate those items to the space in which they are meant to be. For example, if you found office supplies all over your home, place these into the office where they actually belong. Do this for everything.
  • Now is the time to start organising. Use organisers and containers you have found or purchased, to separate, label and make your possessions accessible.

Organising Hacks

Keep floors clear. Use your walls.

Wall pockets for paper management.

Use mounted jewellery hangers in your bedroom.

Hang up kitchen utensils on a rod with s-hooks.

Maximise cupboard space.

Use the inside of your cupboard doors to hang belts and caps.

Use a shelf raiser to maximise the height of your cupboard shelf.

The ritual of cleaning

It is said that the ritual of spring cleaning started many moons ago when homes were still heated by indoor fires. The homes remained closed to ensure the heat stayed inside but when the weather changed, doors and windows could finally be opened to air. The soot could be washed off the walls, floors, fireplace and carpets could finally be left outside after being cleaned.

Whilst we may no longer have to clean up soot, cleaning after a long winter may reduce allergies, ward off pests, reduce the risk of rampant mould and even reduce stress. The latter was proven by a University of California survey, the findings of which indicated that regular housework was enough to decrease anxiety and stress levels by around 20%. In these stressful times, 20% less stress is definitely something worth working towards!

With that said, in order to make it less overwhelming, it is recommended to write down a schedule according to days or tasks. Below is a quick outline of what could be on your schedule. There will definitely be more you need to do.

  • Throw all rubbish away and disinfect all your rubbish containers. Dump recycling at your local recycling depot.
  • Dust everything above shoulder level and then vacuum. Move furniture around if necessary to reach all the dirt you’ve been ignoring.
  • Clean all surfaces with polish or a damp cloth.
  • Clean your oven and stove thoroughly.
  • Scrape off the grease on your braai grids, baking trays and casseroles.
  • Mop all the floors.
  • Clean windows inside and out.

Go throughout the house and clean light switches, telephones, remotes, skirtings and rails.

Brilliant Cleaning Hacks

  • Make your own general cleaning spray by mixing vinegar, fresh herbs and lemon pieces in a container. Allow it to steep for at least 2 weeks then simply decant into a spray bottle and use for cleaning kitchen surfaces, mirrors and more.
  • Want to keep your pillows, towels and bedding nice and fluffy when drying them? Of course, you do! Add 2-3 (clean) tennis balls into your tumble dryer. It can even help them dry faster.

Reboot your mind

When you take care of the clutter in your space, you should also deal with it in your mind. Your Spring reboot should include gifting yourself some time for your mind to relax and refocus. These are some of the ways you could do this.

  • Treat yourself to an evening just for you.
  • Schedule monthly treats for yourself (a massage, buying a bouquet of flowers, go out for a meal).
  • Don’t always work overtime. Leave work on time for a change.

In the words of Lalah Delia, this Spring “Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again”.


If you’ve enjoyed this blog and want more home cleaning tips and hacks, visit the House of York Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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