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Park Picnics for National Parks Week

15 September 2023
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  september hoy
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  addo
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  pies
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  meatballs
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  sarmies
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  chips
Park Picnics for National Parks Week -  fruit

SANParks will soon be opening their gates for free entrance to all South African citizens from 16 September -24 September. This is a great opportunity to plan a day of sightseeing for your family, as well as the perfect South African picnic.

Now, while we all know that almost every picnic site in our country has a braai spot, sometimes it’s nice to take along a few picnic foods to either fill the gap between “bundu-bashing” and lunch or to be prepared for possible rain or wind.

Here are a few items to add to your South African Picnic:


Whether it’s steak and kidney or pepper steak, few things are as delicious as a mini pie. Make your own from store-bought puff pastry, and fill them with anything from ham and cheese to spinach and feta. Roll out your pastry with our rolling pin for the perfect thickness.


Affectionately also known as frikkadels, mini-meatballs have been a firm favourite for all occasions and all “padkos” Tupperware for decades. Remember to bring along your portable paper towel holder along to keep your fingers clean and your roll of paper towel from rolling off the table.


Egg and mayo, chicken and mayo and cheese and tomato are of the top three sandwiches that South African enjoy. But, the beauty of a sandwich is that you can mix and match anything. Take a few fillings with and have your family assemble their favourite sandwich at the picnic spot. Bring along our bread board and assemble your entire sarmie from start to finish.


Chips, or crisps, are a standard. Whether enjoying them with a dip, on their own or even between two slices of bread, this snack is a winner that can even keep tummies happy while on the game drive.


One thing South Africans can be grateful for is our wonderful selection of fruit. Take a few with you, or mix together a fruit salad. Either way, it’s a healthy and easy to pack dessert that everyone loves. Make some fruit skewers with our skewer sticks and serve them up on our bread board with a few cheeses and really turn your picnic into a “laarnie” one.

South Africa is truly spoilt with variety from all over the world. Mix and match ideas for your picnic and be sure to take House of York along with you.



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