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Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

03 May 2018
Spoil Grandma this Mother's Day

Spoil Grandma this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is usually a special time when mom gets treated to breakfast in bed and a homemade card or, once the kids are a bit older, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and thoughtful social media post. This year, we’d like to encourage you to do things a little differently by going the extra mile for the matriarch of the family – grandma. After all, it takes a great mom to become an incredible grandma too! Here are some meaningful ways to warm her heart and bring a smile to her face this coming Mother’s Day.

From sons and daughters

Want to shower your mom with spoils for being the world’s best grandma? The key is to keep it simple and sentimental. Since many grandmas have downsized their living space, focus instead on those things that take up more room in her heart. For example, invite her over for a brunch where you’ve prepared the dishes she enjoys most. In addition to enjoying all her favourites, she’ll get to spend some priceless, quality time with the grandkids.

If you’re set on getting a gift, why not gift her with an experience? From spa treatments and safari trips to dancing lessons or art classes, she can add to her memory bank of experiences all whilst taking some time out for herself. Another lovely idea we came across is this memories jar, which you can fill with special memories you have of your mom. Get your family members to fill out a few cards too for a wonderfully sentimental gift that she can unwrap over and over again.

From the grandkids

They’re the apple of her eye and while we’re sure anything handmade will be well-received, here are two of our favourite ideas for getting the kids involved in making grandma’s day.

  • Custom tea towels

These tea towels are a great way to turn your children’s artwork into a unique gift that grandma can use in her kitchen. In addition to the artwork, you will need a flour sack dish towel and black marker to recreate these. Once the towels are washed and clean, place the drawing under the towel and secure with tape so it doesn’t shift. Then, trace the drawing with the marker - the material will allow you to see the drawing underneath. Click here for instructions on how best to wash and dry the custom towel.


  • Hug in the mail

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for grandmas who live out of town. Imagine the smile on her face when she receives a hug from her grandkids in the mail! Simply trace their outstretched arms on wrapping paper and cut out to create a giant tangible hug. After the kids have drawn a face with crayons, roll up the “hug” and mail inside a large envelope.



From the great-grandkids

Moms with great-grandkids deserve an extra, extra special Mother’s Day gift – and this idea of “photos within a photo” is just it. It’s a great way to show all the generations in her family, especially if they’re all ladies. You can even keep the tradition going year after year as each generation grows (and new ones are born).



How will you be going the extra mile for grandma this Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave us a comment via any one of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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