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Indoor Gardening: How to Get it Right and Why You Should Start Today

03 September 2018
Indoor Gardening: How to Get it Right and Why You Should Start Today -  indoor gardening

Have little to no outdoor gardening space? The good news that is you can still exercise your green thumb and have a selection of fresh produce at your fingertips, all you need is a well-maintained indoor garden! Dig in to the article below for some tips on how, and why, you should get started today.

What to Grow Indoors

With the right amount of water and sunlight, most plants can survive and thrive indoors just as much as they would out. The following plants however work particularly well in an indoor garden:

Herbs           Fruit                         Vegetables            House Plants and Flowers

Basil             Strawberries             Peppers                 Aloe Vera

Parsley         Blueberries               Lettuce                  Bamboo Palm

Oregano       Tomatoes                 Spinach                 Succulents

Rosemary     Lemons and Limes  Carrots                  Tulips

Thyme           Kumquats                 Onions                 Snake Plants

Mint               Avocado                   Beans and Peas   Weeping Figs

While an extensive range of plants can be grown indoors, we recommend starting small with a selection of both winter and summer fruit and vegetables, so you can enjoy fresh produce all year round. Consult this comprehensive planting guide to check when its best to plant what you have in mind.

How to Set Up and Maintain Your Indoor Garden

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gardener, setting up an indoor garden needn’t be an arduous process. There are however a number of factors to take into account, such as:

  • Location

Location is crucial because some plants require more sunlight than others. For example, most herbs need about four hours of sunlight per day, so a windowsill is often the best spot to put them. Even if your home doesn’t get much sun during the day, grow lights can ensure that your plants receive sufficient artificial light.

In addition to lighting concerns, indoor plants don’t like extremes of temperatures, so they should be kept away from aircons and heaters and in an area with sufficient humidity. According to, most indoor plants thrive in temperatures between 18 and 24°C with exposure to medium light.

  • Containers

To prevent rot and disease, it’s important to choose a container that has proper drainage at the bottom. Clay pots and egg cartons are two ideal containers, as well as these lovely DIY containers. Indoor plants also needn’t take up too much space - hanging baskets and shelves can provide ample planting room without taking up too much space.

  • Soil

Be sure to choose a high quality, organic potting mix as regular soil from the garden is often too heavy and may already be contaminated with weed seeds or insect pests. Once your seeds or plants have been potted, add water and liquid fertilizer as needed and according to the package instructions. As a general rule of thumb, soil should only be watered when it feels dry to the touch.

The Benefits of Having an Indoor Garden

Gardeners the world over will agree: gardening can be a very pleasant and rewarding hobby! Here are a few more reasons to start growing your own indoor garden:

  • Indoor gardens improve the quality of air within your home,
  • Indoor fruit trees and flowers give off natural, pleasant aromas,
  • Indoor plants instantly improve the aesthetics of an indoor space,
  • Indoor gardens can give you access to a steady stream of fresh produce,
  • They also help lower your grocery bill and reduce trips to the grocery store.


Feeling inspired to grow an indoor garden but don’t have the essentials to get started? Stay tuned for our Instagram competition this month where we’ll be giving away a R500 Builders Express voucher to help you stock up on goodies for your garden!

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