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6 Handmade Gifts to Warm Dad’s Heart this Father’s Day

01 June 2018
Warm Dad’s Heart This Father’s Day

Warm Dad’s Heart This Father’s Day

As impressive as store-bought gifts may be, it’s often the simple handmade ones that mean the most. Which is why we want to encourage you to steer clear of that extra tie or pair of socks this Father’s Day and make dad a gift from scratch instead. This is also the perfect time to rope the kids into creating something special for hubby. Here are six ideas to get you going, all guaranteed to warm his heart on his special day!

1. Homemade Shaving Cream

Homemade shaving cream makes for a great gift that dad can use just about every day and, because it’s made from natural butter and oils only, it’s much healthier than most over-the-counter alternatives. It also smells divine thanks to the addition of essential oils such as chamomile, jasmine or rosemary, and can be made to suit all kinds of skin types. Turn it into a gift set with a new razor or brush or gift it simply as is in a quality container. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make shaving cream.

2. DIY Father’s Day Questionnaire

Get the kids to describe their dad through a series of fun questions and watch his face light up as he reads their unique answers. This gift will serve as a wonderful keepsake which he can look back on long after the kids have grown up. Download this free template that you can customise according to the questions you’d most like to ask. (Image source

3. Homemade Spice Rubs

What more could a braai-loving dad want than a set of delicious, homemade spice rubs. We especially love this easy peasy barbeque rub recipe that’s fabulous with beef, chicken or pork and even works well with some grilled veggies. It’s versatility, affordability and all-round deliciousness make it a winning Father’s Day gift!



4. The Gift of Time Together

Today’s busy lifestyles often prevent us from spending as much time with our parents as we’d like to. In comes this gift idea, giving you the perfect way to make up for lost time and spend more quality time with your dad.

Handmade gifts truly don’t get much easier than this – all you need to do is fill a glass jar with a bunch of cards, each specifying an activity you can do together like going for lunch or a game of ten-pin bowling. Throughout the year, he can open it up and choose an activity whenever he likes! (Image source:

5. Handmade Cards


Handmade cards could ever lose their novelty! Don’t believe us? Just look at these two adorable ideas - an “I Love You This Much” card which can be made in three simple steps or these awesome scratch-off cards which will provide a fun element of surprise.

6. DIY Hand Warmers

Father’s Day is right in the middle of the coldest season of the year, and these DIY hand warmers are just what he needs to keep warm! Don’t have a sewing machine? They can just as easily be made by hand using a needle. All you’ll need is some fabric and rice and voila! A fantastic gift that dad can heat up in the microwave when its cold out. (Image source:

Follow our Father’s Day Pinterest board for more heart-warming, handmade gift ideas.

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