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Get Back into the Swing of Things

13 January 2015
Get Back into the Swing of Things -  Facebook
Get Back into the Swing of Things -  Facebook
House of York organiser

House of York organiser

House of York hangers

House of York hangers

Many people start to feel a bit blue when the end of the holiday starts approaching – this is completely normal. After a week or 2 of relaxing in the sun, being overseas or simply lounging around with the family at home, anyone is bound to feel a bit down when they suddenly have to get up early and work.

For some of us, it’s not only going back to work that we have to get used to, but it’s also having to get the kids excited and ready for school – which means even earlier mornings for you.

This year, House of York is here to help you with some awesome tips we came across on how to get back into work and how to prepare your kids to get excited and ready for the start of the school year.

Back to Work

As we said, it’s rather normal to feel a bit down when your holidays end. You may feel tired, unable to concentrate, deflated and unproductive. Having not had deadlines for a couple of weeks may have made you feel very relaxed, which could mean you’re in for a rude awakening upon your return to the office.

How to Get Back into your Work Routine

We scoured the web to bring you some of the most helpful tips we could give you to conquer those post-holiday blues. Take a look:

  • Do some pre-planning. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed when you step back into the office, prepare yourself. You could do this by arriving home a day earlier so that you can skim over your emails; or asking a colleague of yours how much you need to catch up on – even if it’s just to mentally prepare yourself.
  • Get some sleep. When on holiday, it’s very easy to get into the pattern of late nights and late mornings, so change your sleeping pattern a few days before work so you don’t end up being exhausted upon arrival at the office.
  • Catch up on emails. Try and dedicate your first day back to only answering emails and tying up any loose ends from last year. This way you won’t be overworking yourself on your first day and you’ll start the year off organised.
  • Be organised and focused. Try to start the year off by organising your desk. If it’s full of little odds and ends then House of York’s organisers will do the perfect job at keeping them all in one place. Having a cleaner, more organised desk will not only look neat, but also keep you less distracted so you can focus more on your productivity this year.

Back to School

All parents out there will know the feeling of having to get themselves out of holiday-mode and back into work-mode, as well as getting the children prepared and ready for school.

We recommend that parents should try to keep kids educated during the holidays – but in fun ways. This could include educational board games, puzzles and reading. Keeping their minds active and hungry for knowledge will give them less of a shock when it’s already time to go back to school. To take some stress off you, pay the school fees and look at the school’s event schedule during the holidays still.

Prepare the Kids 1 Week before School

Take a look at some of the things you can do in the week before school starts that will prevent you from having to deal with sad or miserable little ones on their first day back at school.

  • Wake them up early. This is really one of the best things you can do to prepare the kids for early mornings. About a week before school, start waking them up at their usual time when they go to school.
  • Buy their stationary. Don’t wait until the day before school starts to buy all of their stationary, it will just end up being chaotic and stressful. Make life easy for yourself (as you’re still adjusting to work hours) and buy their school things the week before.
  • Feed your kids nutritious foods. Many children get away with eating a lot more junk food than they would usually be allowed over the festive season. About a week before school, start giving them nutritious food again – this will make them more alert and less sluggish.
  • Hang their uniforms in their cupboards. Seeing the uniforms hanging in the cupboards in the last week will make the children realise that school time is approaching. For the little first-graders, let them wear their uniform for an hour or two a day so that they get used to it. We also have great wooden hangers that keep the natural shape of blazers and shirts.

There you have it! While we may have left out some tips, following these will definitely help you out this year. Have you got any tips to add? Let us know on our Facebook page– we love hearing from our customers!

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