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The 8 Best Organisation Apps You Must Have!

03 January 2023
The 8 Best Organisation Apps You Must Have!  -  calendar

Keeping track of everything while you're managing work, kids, relationships, and networking is difficult. An organisation app (or two!) can offer a central location to help you make sure you don't miss anything vital instead of sticky notes or words scribbled in all of your diaries. 

List of 8 organisation apps: 


This calendar app is for you if you've ever had trouble choosing a time for a meeting or mistakenly double-booked yourself. 

This program makes it easier for you to organise your schedule at home, at work, or at school. 

You'll enjoy the following features in this app: 

  • Daily limits - The software will enforce any limits you place on the number of meetings you can have each day. 
  • Meeting scheduler - With Calendly, you can easily send a link from your calendar to a client or several team members to invite them to a meeting. On the basis of your
  • availability and their convenience, they can then directly reserve the date. No more convoluted emails back and forth. 
  • Scheduling notice - With the smallest amount of scheduling notice, you may now arrive for meetings with adequate time to prepare. 
  • Time zone detection - When someone in another place plans a meeting or event with you, the app automatically detects your time zone to make sure the appointment is in line with your account's time zone. 


The basic version of Calendly is free. Upgrades to the premium and pro versions are offered; the beginning monthly fees for premium and pro, respectively, are $8 and $12.


You may convert photographs of paper documents into PDF or JPG formats with the help of the amazing app CamScanner. This app turns your phone's camera into a portable document scanner and OCR tool.

This program offers a central location for all of your documents to be stored. The data can be kept on your phone or sent to the cloud for increased portability. 

OCR is another feature of CamScanner that enables you to translate text from photos or documents. To guarantee that the photographs you scan are clear and sharp, it contains an auto-edge-cropping capability as well as an auto-enhancing feature. 

Additionally, you can interact with your friends and share your files on various social networks and via email. 


The software is available for free, with a $4.99 monthly premium subscription option.


Do you seem to be juggling a million balls at once? The Evernote app is a popular cross-platform note-taking app. 

You can manage your to-do lists, scan business cards, receipts, papers, and handwritten notes, as well as create voice recordings using this all-purpose app. 

Evernote includes a number of helpful features, including fantastic options for organising, sharing, and formatting. Although many programs have entered the note-taking market, Evernote has been able to hold onto its position. 


Cost varies from free to paid ($7.99 – $9.99 per month) 


How often have you had to click "forgot my password" and then struggle to get through the tedious process of creating a new one? If the number is greater than you can count, this practical program will save all of your passwords — both personal and work — in one convenient location.

When using Chrome or Safari to browse the web, users can sync their password vaults with the app and have the app's browser automatically fill in forms and other login information. Additionally, you can add or change your password list and create new passwords. The software also allows for safe notes for those key pieces of information. 

LastPass App


The cost of the service varies from free to paid (starting at $3 per month). 


One of the most effective organising applications for keeping track of your tasks. It is simple to use and has a straightforward UI. Todoist provides a variety of features to help you better plan your day, including subtasks, repeated tasks, various priorities, and more.

Todoist App

A few features you will definitely enjoy:

  • Simple to use, with a simple interface 
  • Simple task assignment and prioritisation 
  • Simplifies maintaining organisation 

Todoist supports creative people with scattered ideas. It is beneficial to organise it and provide a deadline for finishing it or turning those fresh creative thoughts into assignments. 


The cost of the service varies from: 

  • Basic: Free 
  • Premium: $3/person/month 
  • Business: $5/person/month 


Toggl is a terrific time-tracking tool that can be used by an individual or a group of people. By synchronising data between the two platforms, this program enables you to start, pause, and track times and tasks on your phone or PC. This makes tracking time spent on tasks and projects easier.

Toggl App

Toggl also has the ability to import and export data in CSV and PDF formats, as well as mass edit, tag, and organise items for proper review and reporting. 


The cost of the service varies from: 

  • Free 
  • Starter: $10 per user/ month 
  • Premium: $20 per user/ month 
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs 


Trello's Kanban board method makes it simple to plan and manage your day, month, or even quarter. Trello was created as a project management solution to improve team collaboration. Trello is one of the top organisation software programs.

Trello App

Best features that you will enjoy:

  • One of the most effective task management tools for handling both big projects and small tasks 
  • The tool allows you to schedule, allocate, and monitor each task's progress
  • Makes it simpler for you to access it and other tools with Friday integration 


Prices depend on the option you choose: 

  • Free 
  • Business Class - $12.50/person/month 
  • Enterprise - Tailored to your business needs 


24me is one of the top productivity apps that keeps your busy day organised. It makes it simple to organise your thoughts and your day with tools like a to-do list, calendar, reminders for chores and events, and note taking. It also has voice control capabilities, making it easy to take notes and schedule appointments.

Features you will enjoy: 

  • Voice control is a special function that makes taking notes simple 
  • Intelligent notifications that remind you of forthcoming obligations and occasions
  • Simple calendar syncing 


The price depends on the option you choose: 

  • Free 
  • Pro: Starts at US$5.99/user per month 

To find the one that works best for you, consider all your options and download the free versions of some of the top organisation applications.

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